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Sometimes you need to create a quiet space for yourself 

Maybe the moment is now

My name is Liz Robin and I teach taiji and the Shaw Method of swimming to adults in the Cairngorms. Both provide health-giving exercise but with the added dimension of developing your own bit of space.


With its flowing pattern of moves taiji (tai chi) is excellent exercise for all ages. It builds up strength and helps with balance and co-ordination. It can be practised simply for this but many find it becomes a valuable form of meditation to carve out some peace and quiet in a busy world. Also, with its root as a martial art, it is hugely energising - think of working with energy, yours and other people's and you start to create a new connection with the world.

The Shaw Method of swimming 

The method was developed by Steven Shaw as a way to swim which is both calming and energising. It is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique using good body alignment to ensure you use the least energy for the greatest output. If you find swimming a chore or have never mastered being able to breath without gasping in front crawl then the Shaw Method may be for you. Enjoy the water and, like tai chi , find swimming so calming and all absorbing that it becomes a form of meditation and living in the moment.